01 October 2015

Statewide Campaign On Alternative Politics, October 1-9

The Battle of Plassey was an important event in the history of the British East India Company and subsequent military domination by imperialist British state over the people of this sub-continent by snatching away their social, political and economic independence.

The name of Plassey has been the hallmark of first defeat and thereby losing independence/freedom of 'India' to the British. Mir Jafar was one of the key persons held responsible for the defeat by many and his name is commonly associated with betrayal.

While avoiding debates around historical interpretations, Osanghatit Khetra Shramik Sangrami Manch is ending its campaign symbolically at Plassey on October 9.

The purpose of the campaign, which has already started in some places, is to initiate a dialogue with people about the form politics is taking today and the need for an alternative politics. The voices and the demands of the workers must become the prime moving force in politics through their direct control and collective participation, with active vigilance over those whom we elect, who often sell our democracy and our country for their own selfish interests.

While in a number of areas the campaign has already started, taking the form of cycle rallies, padayatras and street corner meetings, from October 1-9, a motor cycle rally will be traveling all over Bengal. After starting from five corners of the state, namely the Assam border, the Bangladesh border, the Jharkhand border, the Orissa border and the Bay of Bengal, five rallies would meet at Plassey.

At Plassey, we plan to identify the modern day Mir Jafars and to pledge to start a new movement for freedom, especially freedom from wage slavery, at the spot where we identify and assume that we lost our independence.

Somnath Ghosh and Swapan Ganguly (Convenors)

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