12 March 2012

Observe Nandigram Day on March 14

Though it is five years now since the terrible massacre of March 14, 2007, events that led up to the massacre and its aftermath remain unforgettable for the people of West Bengal and the country and even perhaps the world. The contribution of Nandigram to the present politics of West Bengal has also been considerable. People's movements, especially the Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh Committee, which went beyond party banners, played an important role in this movement. Today, however, the movement has become associated with a political party, with the banners that transcended party being pushed into oblivion.   

On the fifth anniversary of March 14 or Nandigram Diwas, Nandigram Manch, (a loose platform of individuals and organisations that came up in November 2007 outside of party banners to stand by and support the struggling people of Nandigram), invites you to an evening of review, along with remembrance and homage to the people of Nandigram. The focus of the evening will be on assessing the relevance of the Nandigram struggle in West Bengal’s present political context.

Nandigram Manch invites you to observe Nandigram Divas on March 14 at  Bharat Sabha  Hall, Kolkata,  at 5 p.m. We will observe the day with the formal inauguration of two books: one on Nandigram and Jangalmahal by Sukumar Mitra and other by Tushar Bhattacharya on the mass murder at Bijan Setu. A film on Nandigram, Nandigrame Nutan Surjauday, will be screened.

Swapan Ganguly for Nandigram Manch

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